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Marketplace Rules

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Members must have made at least 25 posts and been a member here for at least 30 days. This is an automatic part of the Troika Cafe software; when eligibility has been met the member will automatically be given access to the Marketplace forum. Repetitive, brief phrases or remarks do NOT count towards that total, and will result in an adjustment to the post count. No Exceptions.



1. Items for sale, trade or wanted to buy (WTB) must be placed in the Marketplace forum. Please see below for a listing of items that may be allowed for sale in our forum. Under no circumstances will items for sale, trade, or wanted be placed in the user's posts, threads, or signature. If found, the post, thread, or signature will be edited without notice and the member warned.

2. Every item offered for sale must contain an asking price and be adequately described. Items discovered without asking price will be removed immediately.

3. If there is a problem with the item that the seller is aware of, it must be mentioned in the ad.

4. Links to one’s own sale on other websites (such as eBay or other bulletin boards) are not permitted.

6. All items offered for sale MUST belong to the member or their immediate family. You may not buy, sell, or trade on behalf of others.

7. Reports about suspected Marketplace issues should be made via the 'Report This Post' link at the lower left of any post. This will insure that the Troika Cafe management will be notified immediately.

8. Each item for sale must have one, and only one price shown. Listing a separate price or surcharge for payment options like PayPal, or asking the buyer to cover PayPal fees is not allowed.

9. PayPal gifting or asking the buyer to pay the fees is not allowed. This is a common practice and is also against the PayPal Terms of Service. Using language similar to "net to me" or "in my account" in Marketplace posts when referring to PayPal transactions will be viewed as attempts to bypass the PayPal terms of service. Any ads not following these rules will be removed without notification. Repeat offenders will permanently lose access to the Marketplace forum.

10. You are only allowed three active listings in the Marketplace area at any one time. Active is defined as any thread title not marked as Sold/Found/Withdrawn or Completed. Please place similar items into combined Marketplace listings. When your For Sale (FS) or Want to Buy (WTB) is completed, please mark the thread as Sold/Found/Withdrawn etc., by editing the title of the thread and also editing the initial post. Do not bump your thread with a new post if the item is sold or found.

11. The Troika Cafe is not affiliated with any commercial entity or any individual that works with such entity or any seller posting equipment for sell/trade. The Troika Cafe is not liable for any misrepresentation, fraud or spam posted on their site and any disputes will be handled between the two parties in the transaction. You access the Troika Cafe and the Marketplace area at your own risk. None of the sales transactions, payment transactions or methods made on this board are representative of TroikaCafe.com Buyer and Seller assumes all risks for all aspects of the transactions taking place in the Marketplace area.

Items allowed for sale or trade include:

• Troika ceramics and pottery
• Troika books and flyers

Items not allowed for sale or trade include:

• Electronic equipment
• Anything else not directly related to collecting Troika ceramics or pottery


Should a member’s posting history reflect either a repeated failure to comply with the Marketplace forum rules or display a preponderance of buying and selling over contributory participation in other Troika Cafe forums their Marketplace forum access may be suspended or revoked.

Disputes will be handled between the two parties in the transaction. Please limit the entry in the feedback thread to factual information; claims, assertions or conclusions which are not based on fact are prohibited and may be edited. In the case of disputes Troika Cafe forums will not be used to plead a case or “tell one’s side of the issue.” Threads initiated or posts made anywhere to plead a case will be heavily moderated and repetitions of this by offending members may result in administrative action.

Attempts to involve the management of the Troika Cafe in a dispute involved in any way, will result in permanent loss of Marketplace privileges, and possibly result in a suspension or banning from the Troika Cafe.
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