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Welcome to the Troika Cafe!

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Welcome to the new Troika Cafe! This is a friendly forum for Troika ceramics enthusiasts from around the world who love Troika and good company. Our members are diverse in terms of geographic location, age, and experience with Troika collecting. We are happy to share what knowledge we have and to learn from others.

Here are some things to do to get started at the Cafe:
  • Have a look at our Forum Rules. You'll notice the emphasis we place on civility , respect, and consideration of others.
  • Personalize your profile using the Control Panel, accessed by clicking on the UserCP link near the top left of Troika Cafe pages. When you set up your signature, be sure to include your first name or a nickname (and your last name, if you'd like to), so we can get to know you better.
  • Start a thread in the New Member Introductions Forum to introduce and tell us a little about yourself and your interests (and give us the chance to say hello)
  • Have a look around; a great place to start is the forum index page, which lists our forums and even who's online.

More resources.
  • All members are encouraged to post their photos on the Troika Cafe. The pics you see posted here aren't uploaded to the server, but are instead direct linked from photo hosting sites (several of which are free). See this article on posting from various free hosting websites such as Flickr.
  • Also, here is a description of the new BBCodes available on the Troika Cafe.

Buying and selling Troika items.

We have an active Marketplace Forum (which is the only place on the Troika Cafe where buying and selling are permitted). This will automatically become visible to you after you have 25 posts and have been registered as a member for 30 days. When you do become eligible to view and post in the Marketplace Forum, please read through the Marketplace Rules.

If you need help from a Moderator or Administrator
  • A team of moderators and administrators, all of whom are fellow Troika enthusiasts who contribute their time and energy gratis, work to keep the Troika Cafe operating as smoothly as possible. See this page for a directory of Moderators and Administrators.
  • If you should see a post that you think doesn't comply with Troika Cafe rules, the most efficient way to notify the mod team is to click on the "Report Post" button found in every post. This will notify all mods and admins.

Take a little time to digest the material above (it will save you time and aggravation in the long run) and then pour yourself a cup of coffee, and join in the fun!
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