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White Double Egg Cups


Double egg cups were originally made for sale at Heals in London. I have never seen an egg cup that was signed by a decorator. All had the Troika stamp. Here are six double egg cups from my collection.


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I have never seen anything from Iain Draper. The only reference to him that I recall at the bottom of the Digital Museum of Cornish Ceramics - Troika Decorators and Marks page. Apparently Iain worked at the Troika factory since 1970, but his name or marks don't show up in any of the reference literature for Troika.

I saw the massive Troika auction, including the double egg cup, at the Clarks Auction Rooms sale page, but wasn't able to bid on any of the items. Unfortunately, Clarks didn't include a photo of the bottom of the egg cup showing the mark.

I am eager to see your double egg cup. If it is indeed by Iain Draper, you might have a rare item!
Hi Mike,
Yep, this and few other pieces I have came from the Clarks auction. I’ve also sent a photo to Cornish Ceramics and am advised that Marilyn Pascoe did the decoration and the mark is hers (and is very similar to another piece I have of hers).
Congratulations on your auction wins! I've seen a lot of UK auction houses incorrectly attribute the decorator on a piece. If I notice the error soon enough, I'll contact the auction house and give them the correct information so they can update the item description. Most do appreciate the correct information, but others don't respond or update the item description.